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Article: Skin Care Know-How in your 20's (While you think aging will never happen to you!)

Skin Care Know-How in your 20's (While you think aging will never happen to you!)

Skin Care Know-How in your 20's (While you think aging will never happen to you!)

I know what you're probably thinking. "My acne has finally subsided from my teenage years and my skin is looking the best it ever has, so why start implementing an entire skin care regimen now?" Well, since your skin cell production begins to slow down around the age of 22 to 29, it is essential to create more disciplined skin care habits at this time in your life so that you will continue on to age gracefully in the future. But don't you worry, by the time you are done reading this post you will know exactly what to do in order to keep your skin healthy and radiant for long past your twenties!

To make it as simple as possible, I am going to break down our "Top Tips" for each period of your twenties.

Before Age 20:

Tip #1: Use The Right Face Wash! Especially if you are struggling with acne, it is imperative that you use a cleanser that will balance your skin instead of stripping your protective layers. (We highly recommend our Cleansing Foam with Coconut, Lavender & Orange)

Tip #2: Exfoliation Is Essential! Make sure you exfoliate at night so that your skin is able to repair itself while you sleep. We find the best exfoliator to be Glycolic Acid. Our Glycolic is made from organic fermented sugar. Used daily, it works to regenerate your skin and helps tremendously with acne and blackheads, discoloration and imperfections. Glycolic dissolves the glue that holds your dead skin cells in place, causing an overall smoothing and brightening effect while gently exfoliating your dull surface layer. (We highly recommend our Resurfacing Treatment Toner)

Tip #3: Treat Your Skin With A Toning Mist! Adding a toner to your skin care routine, especially one with Rose, is amazing for the continued circulation and hydration of your skin. Using a mist instead of a traditional toner is a quick and easy way to refresh and revitalize your skin! (We highly recommend our Rejuvenating Mist with Neroli, Chamomile & Rose, or if you are suffering from impurities, use our Healing Mist)

Tip #4: Don't Forget Your Eyes! The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and delicate, which is why signs of aging usually appear there first. Preventative measures are important at any age, especially in regards to your eye zone. (We highly recommend our Eye Care Kit)

Tip #5: SPF! SPF! SPF! I'm sure you've heard your parents tell you many times growing up, but SPF is vital to keeping your skin in tip-top shape! You only need to apply, and reapply, a broad spectrum moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30 (any greater SPF is not approved by the FDA due to too many toxic chemicals). In addition, moisturizers with Antioxidants are significant as they help your skin ward off environmental stressors. (We highly recommend our Organic Antioxidant Moisturizer with SPFor the lighter version Strawberry Preserve SPF 30)

Tip #6: Oil Even For The Oily! If you have oily skin or not, using nutrient-rich oil is key to the longevity of youthful and radiant skin. Oils contain potent ingredients, which not only allows for optimum hydration, but also helps scars and breakouts disappear. (We highly recommend our Skin Nutrients Lavender or Skin Nutrients Orange Rose)

After Age 25:

Tip #1: Refresh Your Skin With Facials & Peels! Around the age of 25, it is recommended that you start receiving monthly facials to help rejuvenate your skin. Mini face peels also help to detoxify your pores. (We highly recommend our Thera-Lift & Organic Skin Resurfacing Treatments, in addition to our At-Home Glycopeel 20%, followed by a facial mask of your choice)

Tip #2: The Secret Of Serums! If you have any sort of dark spots or imperfections, serums are the perfect product for you! They help fade dark spots due to active ingredients, are very potent, and have antioxidants that help repair damage that is present on your skin. (We highly recommend our Pure HydrationPure Brightness or Complexion Perfection Serums)

Tip #3: Must-Have Masks! Face masks are an incredible and much-needed luxury for you skin! Investing in high-quality face masks will immensely benefit your skin. (We highly recommend any of our organic masks)

Late 20's & On:

Tip #1: Always Add The LED! Adding LED & Photontherapy to your skin care treatments, in addition to your peels and facials, will greatly aid in the maintenance of your skin's smooth texture. It works to diminish impurities such as large pores, increases collagen production, and even tightens & firms your skin. (We highly recommend our Thera-Lift with LED add-on, Organic Skin Resurfacing Treatment, and BioChemPeelsLED works progressively and can be used once every 24 hours, so as maintenance between professional treatments, we recommend using our At-Home Microcurrent LED Unit

Tip #2: Get Hyped on Hyaluronic Acid! Adding products containing Hyaluronic Acid to your skin care routine does wonders for your skin. Hyaluronic Acid is able to infuse 1000 times its weight in moisture deep into the skin and is specially known and loved for it's instant plumping effect on the skin. (We highly recommend using a product with both high and low molecular weight, such as our Pure Hydration serum)

Tip #3: Don't Deny Your Decollete! Keeping your face smooth and radiant is a priority for most, but make sure to also bring your skin care routine past your jawline and onto your neck and decollete to allow for an even more youthful result!

And there you have it! Those are our best-kept skin care secrets, what are yours?

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