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Resurfacing Treatment Facial Toner

Sale price$42.00

Powerful exfoliating treatment with 10%  USP grade glycolic acid removes dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, clearer, more even-colored complexion in all skin types-specifically aging, acne, wrinkled, sun damaged,  impure & discolored skin.

*Do not use this product if your skin is hyper-sensitive or if you recently had any type of skin peel, do not combine with prescription skin creams.

Apply PM after cleansing. Slight stinging is normal and will subside with regular use. If new to glycolic, start every 3rd PM first week, and every 2nd PM the next week- increase to nightly if skin is not sensitive. If dryness, itching, redness, peeling or irritation occurs, use less frequently.

*Alternate this product with Rejuvenating Mist (dry, mature, aging skin) or Healing & Soothing Mist (sensitive, acne, inflamed, rosacea skin), when first using Glycolic Acid, or if skin does not tolerate nightly application.

Ingredients: Aqua Distillata, Rosa Damascena, Matricaria Chamomila L, Glycopure, Leucidal Peptides


Resurfacing Treatment Facial Toner by Pure Skin Science
Resurfacing Treatment Facial Toner Sale price$42.00