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Thera-Lift Cu (Copper): Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation


    Thera-Lift Cu (Copper) is a non-invasive face lift treatment that offers fast, visible results which improve with each session. Using patented 99.9% pure copper probes, we enhance the treatment's effectiveness by 10 times compared to traditional steel or nickel probes for application of micro currents.

    Our treatment involves a conductive gel with vegetable proteins and hyaluronic acid, infusing copper peptides directly into the skin. This boosts hydration, collagen production, and skin plumping for instant visible and tangible results.


    1. What is Thera-Lift? It's an organic, vegan skin rejuvenation treatment, utilizing bio-identical micro currents, ultrasound, and NASA technology full spectrum photon LED light. It includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, conditioning, and pampering.

    2. How does it work? Thera-Lift uses low-level frequencies from micro-currents, ultrasound, and photon LED light to tone and tighten facial muscles, enhance collagen production, and infuse micro-nutrients, peptides and antioxidants for skin regeneration.

    3. How many treatments do I need? Results are immediate with no downtime. For permanent results, a series of 10 sessions is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance.

    4. What is the treatment like? Clients find it relaxing and regenerating, with no pain or recovery time. "The best facial treatment they ever had".

    5. What can I expect after treatment? Your skin will look glowing, plump, and lifted, with results becoming more permanent over time.

    6. What about sun exposure? Thera-Lift is regenerative and ideal for active lifestyles. We recommend our organic SPF products for sun protection.

    To schedule an appointment, call or text (949)325-5727.

    Science highlights:

    • Copper probes increase electric application effectiveness by 10 times compared to steel or nickel.
    • Copper peptides boost collagen production and neutralize free radicals for anti-aging benefits.
    • Thera-Lift is trademarked and developed by Pure Skin Science, only licensed and trained professionals are authorized to administer the therapy.