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At-Home Professional Photon LED Unit

$990 $1,149

Professional Treatment at Home

Professional skin treatment at home: Full Spectrum Photon LED Therapy, featuring 7 colors with a soft transition during cycle mode. Each color has a different wavelength and affects skin on a different level. In our Spas we find that using all colors of the light spectrum has the most benefit and fastest effect. This unit can be used anywhere from 3x per week up to every 24 hours for 10-30 minutes. NASA technology full spectrum photon LED light stimulates the activity of fibroblasts responsible for generating collagen and elastin. This treatment activates cell reproduction, smooths lines and wrinkles while eliminating discoloration and impurities. It is a progressive therapy and only renders results if used on a regular basis.

This unit has an added long range UVB function to help generate Vitamin D and calcium, which can be turned on or off during use. 

Light therapy is very uplifting and has been proven to be effective in support of anti-depression treatments, as well as seasonal affective disorder. 

12 month warranty.

A virtual personalized instruction session with one of our licensed master estheticians is included. Please call or txt (949)325-5727 to schedule. 

To use: LED light therapy is recommended to be used as often as every 24 hours for 10-30 minutes

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