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Gentle Cleanser

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Our Gentle Cleanser for Hypersensitive Skin is a premium organic, vegan cleansing gel that's free from harsh detergents. It's specially formulated with natural moisturizing ingredients to cleanse the skin gently without stripping away its protective layers.
Sensitive Skin Types/Post Invasive Skin Treatments
This gentle cleanser is ideal for individuals with hypersensitive skin, as well as post laser, microneedling or chemical peel treatments. Particularly beneficial for those with extreme dryness and alleric skin conditions. Gentle Cleanser leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy while deeply cleansing.

Use our Gentle Cleanser post-chemical peels or whenever your skin is especially sensitive or irritated. To use, simply lather with lukewarm water, massage gently onto the skin, and rinse completely.


Aqua, natural vegetable surfactants from coconut & palm kernel oil, coconut extract, & love. 

Gentle Cleanser for Hypersensitive Skin by Pure Skin Science
Gentle Cleanser Sale price$35.00