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Our Story

Pure Skin Science was founded 1994 in San Clemente in by Johanna Jolie, licensed esthetician and bio-scientist from Germany, then a single mom who did not own a car and needed a job to pay rent. She suffered from severe cystic acne and overall bad, sun-damaged skin most of her teenage and adult life, which caused her deep passion for skin therapy. 

The Pure Skin Science team continuously researches and studies newer and better skin care techniques, specifically new developments from Europe. This resulted in the creation of our BioChemPeels as well as our patent pending Organic Thera-Lift Cu (Copper) Facial treatment, a combination of technologies originating from physical therapy that induce deeper absorption of skin care ingredients, tightening and toning facial contours while also correcting problem skin. 

With this deeper penetration of ingredients, we soon realized that toxic chemicals, preservatives and filler materials which are contained in traditional skin care products would also be infused. In the effort to prevent potentially harmful, irritating materials from being absorbed, our Pure Skin Science Active Organics product line was created, and Pure Skin Science was acquired by Pure Skin Science Labs LLC,  in 2010.

To ensure the utmost quality and freshness of our products without the use of potentially harmful ingredients, we hand-craft every bottle to order with integrity and love. Our products are clinically tested at our two spa locations by licensed estheticians.