Breast Cancer Awareness Is Not Just a Month...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected.

Here at Pure Skin Science, awareness is always present, it is close to our hearts as we create our skin care products clean, pure, organic and free of potentially contributing ingredients with the following facts in mind:

- Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women.

- 1 in 8 women suffer from breast cancer.

- 18 in 20 breast cancer tumors tested contain personal care ingredients.

- The average women applies appx. 515 toxic personal care ingredients daily to her skin.

- One big group of culprits called xenoestrogens are synthetic industrial chemicals widely used in personal care products (as well as in processed foods), referred to as “foreign estrogens” that are produced outside of the human body and have been shown to exert estrogen-like activity. While there are many more undesirable chemicals - too many to list here - xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens are worthy to be very aware of.

- Almost all traditional over-the-counter and luxury personal care products, no matter how expensive, contain potentially harmful chemicals, unfortunately even many that are labeled "certified organic", as only 70% of a product needs to be organic in order to receive an organic certification.

At Pure Skin Science we handcraft every product with integrity and love, in small batches, a gallon at a time, using clean and potent, result driven, active, healthy, biologically correct ingredients and absolutely no potentially harmful chemicals, so you can trust that nothing you apply to your skin could put you at risk!

"Keep your sunny side up, keep yourself beautiful and indulge yourself" - Betsy Johnson

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