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Pure Skin Science Active Organics

Positive Vibrations Organic 100% Beeswax Spa Candles

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Cleanse your environment with this incredible aromatic candle. Our indoor spaces are polluted with positive ions - which affect our health negatively. Burning a 100% pure organic beeswax candle cleanses the air by producing negative ions which neutralize the damaging positive ions that are exuded by literally everything around us: Cell phones, computers, televisions, synthetic flooring materials, fluorescent light bulbs, microwaves, metal, plastics and air pollution all increase the number of positive ions in our environment. Light up this candle to create your sacred space for a relaxing, regenerating, healing moment, infused with your choice of the perfectly blended aromas of Renewing Frankincense & Lavender, Grounding Sandalwood & Patchouli or Revitalizing Bergamot & Rosemary.

Just like with food items, as well as skin care products, beeswax candles can be labeled "pure beeswax" if they contain 51% or more actual beeswax. Beware of candles with anything less than 100% beeswax, as any paraffin - or even soy additives will release toxic chemicals and even known carcinogens into the air. Therefore our personal choice is to burn only 100% beeswax candles in our environment and in our treatment rooms. We hand-craft these candles and are able to share them with you at a low cost and limited quantities.

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