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Before & After Photos

We love to allow our customers to see the real results of our products and treatments. Feel free to browse through the Before and After photographs from our happy customers!

*All photographs are true and not retouched in any way. These are the results of our Pure Organic Products, in combination with our BioChemPeels, Thera-Lift, and Organic Resurfacing Programs. No anesthesia, surgical procedures, or lasers were used.

Before & After- Three BioChemPeels and Monthly Thera-Lift Treatments:


Before & After- One BioChemPeel and Two Thera-Lift Treatments:


Before & After- Ten Thera-lift Treatments, Three BioChemPeels and Six Organic Resurfacing Treatments:



Before & AfterImmediate result after one use (ten minutes) of our Instant Replenishing Masque:


Before & After- Six BioChemPeels:



Before and After- Seven days after first BioChemPeel: