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Healing Mist With Colloidal Silver & Niaouli


Powerful, organic anti-inflammatory mist for any type of redness, acne, rash, irritation, sunburn, insect bites & dryness. Ideal for post skin peel or microneedling care.

Niaouli, the main ingredient in this mist originates in the tea tree family and is a non-drying, irritation reducing, anti-bacterial agent, which activates healing, cell regeneration and circulation. It has a beneficial effect on itching and pain and can help reduce scar tissue.

Step 2, mist directly on skin AM & PM for daily maintenance. If conditions persist or worsen, discontinue use and contact your skin care professional.

*Use as often as every 15 minutes or as needed for acute post peel care, inflamed and irritated skin.

Ingredients: Aqua Distillata, Colloidal Silver, Niaouli, Homeopathic Cell Salts, Leucidal Peptides

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